Ready to kick it up a notch? Join a league!

How to Register

You will register your team using the Volli App or Website. If the league is doubles you will then invite your partner by clicking on ‘invite partner’ and fill in their email that they used when they signed up as a user.

Guests can also Register in person at the facility as long as it is within the registration time period.

About Pickleball Leagues

    • Pickleball Leagues will run for 5 weeks and end with a one day elimination tournament on week 6.
    • A 2-week sign up period. Members have the privilege of signing up first. Then we will open it up to non-members, if space allows.
    • The cost of the league is $25 per member and $75 per nonmember.
    • A minimum of 8 teams or 16 individuals per league.
    • Each team plays 2 different teams in a 2 out of 3 to 11 match (Each team has 30 minutes to play each other).
    • A total of 6 potential matches per week.
    • Paddle rentals are $5

Leagues will be starting in January!

We currently have sign up sheets at the front desk at Volli.