We are proud to bring the first pickle ball sports bar to Bellingham, WA. We created Volli in 2022 to provide a space for personal connections and physical activities. Since it rains (a lot) in Whatcom County, the community needs a place to play indoor games on the gloomy days, and enjoy the rare sunshine when it decides to come out.

Our love for creating fun and adventure inspired the idea, and Volli was born out of that vision. So please join us for some food, drinks, and always lots of games.

We are conveniently located at 4190 Cordata Parkway in Bellingham, WA. With 24,000 sf of indoor space and a 2,000 sf patio, we have room for everyone to whack pickleballs, swing golf clubs, toss bags, and slide pucks.


Without our incredible team, Volli would not be possible. Our goal is to have Volli be as enjoyable to work at as it is to visit. We pride ourselves on being a place where people from all walks of life can grow and advance while loving their work. With a business that is all about playing and having a good time, it is part of our mission to ensure that our team relishes in that experience as well.